My kid could paint that

Yeah, we’ve all heard this one.

As a matter of fact, I’ve almost thought it myself…except as an artist I realize that no, my kid probably doesn’t have the depth of knowledge of color, tone, intensity, scale, acrylic mediums, canvases, etc.

And neither does yours, likely.

Just because a piece of art doesn’t look particularly complicated, doesn’t mean it hasn’t had a lot of time, thought and effort involved. Perhaps it hasn’t, but most are – professional art – has layers of prep, paint, glaze, varnish done in a way that was thought out and done with some measure of plan.

SubtleVersed400 Subtle Verse

Simple design, yet layers of prep include gesso, texture, glazes of various colors over each other.

Modern Contemporary Art

Blue Thing

Geometric squares don’t look complicated, but knowing which blues and tones to use together takes experience. Also, how much white placement is needed and size of each kept relatively the same takes knowledge and skill.