Famous Abstract Artists

Famous abstract artists- a quick recap of some of my favoritees


Abstract art can be mesmorizing.

Viewing the work of artists within this genre as they use geometric shapes, unrecognizable forms in nature and non-figurative concepts is always a pleasure to see, depending upon your appreciation of this area. Discovering some of the top abstract artists of the times gives us an interesting insight into how the art form developed and who were some major players in its progression.

Some of the most famous abstract artists
Who was first? Possibly JMW Turner who was a 19th century painter who took the world by storm. Paul Cezanne is another artist whose work started to gain traction in around 1839. Paul’s work centered on geometric solid forms and some famously impressionistic landscapes.

One of the most well-known and celebrated abstract artists however, Picasso, really put abstract art on the map. Through the revolution of cubism, Pablo Picasso was a cubism pioneer and done his most famous work in 1907. Even though some of his paintings did not conform to all the conventions of abstract art, he did still exhibit distortion and abstract elements in his work. This really set him apart as a pioneer in his time and an unforgettable abstract artist in modern day.

Moving forward in time to 1920 saw Piet Mondrian experimenting even more so with the abstract world of art (the cubist/minimalistic abstracts of vivid red, blue, yellow). He was heavily influenced by cubism but focused on painting grid like pictures with interesting use of color. The grids were separated with black and grey lines. This style has been very influential to artists today.

Later down the line in the 50’s saw the likes of Franz Kline, and his famous painting called The Chief. This was influenced by the industrial revolution and featured dynamic movement within his images. Even though in black and white, his work displayed great power and gave us insight into Kline as an artist.

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