Buying blue contemporary art

Buying blue art can be tricky.

Really, insert any color except black or white in that line.

I say this because blue, yellow, green, even red can be off per monitor.

Your monitor may show the blue as a blue grey, but in actuality it’s more blue purple.

To avoid problems, ask the artist questions prior to purchase and even ask for more photos. Ask for them in daylight.

Blues run the gamut on the color scale in tone and  intensity (as do most colors), but if you get the details from the artist upfront, you should save problems or disappointment when what you thought was navy is really turquoise when  you lift it out of the box.

Ascend345 Blues are more turquoise / warmer

LoveAgua-300 Blues are more cool-based
Love, Agua

verdant-1000 Blues are deep navy


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