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It can be said that at the center of all art is the artist. It is their eye and translation that has driven the development of art.

From its most punctual type of cavern drawings to the pop workmanship and postmodern periods, there are numerous artists that have shaped and frame the period.

Vincent Willem van Gogh, one of the world’s most famous painters, is
well known for his unique painting style. Take, for example, Van Gogh’s
Irises, a reproduction of “Irises, Saint-Remy”. A lone white iris stands
out, surrounded by a group of blue irises along a garden path.

Another stunning van Gogh tapestry is The Starry Night. Based on one of Van
Gogh’s most famous and recognizable works, it shows a night sky full of
glowing, swirling stars and a full moon. Amazingly, van Gogh painted
this night scene during the day, entirely from memory. Both of these
incredible works of art that have been painstakingly recreated as
tapestry wall hangings for your home.

By the 1500’s well known artists like Michelangelo Buonarroti not only
were known for statue work but also works such as the “Creation of Adam”
in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. Di Vinci also created his famous
work “Mona Lisa”. This period, The Renaissance, is a well-known period
which brought forth many famous artists.

The 1600-1700’s ushered in the Baroque period and saw a shift from the Italian artists to those of French and Dutch Painters such as Rembrandt, among others.
International Art Scene through the Ages
Apart from these names, there are more famous Japanese artists who come
out with modern art. Koun Takamura (1851 to 1934) is a sculptor of Ueno
Park statue. Kuroda Seiki lives from 1866 to 1924, introduced
impressionism painting to Japan. Tsuguharu Foujita (1886 to 1968) was a
painter who applied Fench oil painting to Japanese painting. Tezuka
Osamu who lives from 1928 to 1989 was a famous manga artist who worked
on Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion.

The works of contemporary artists is represented in Decor4u.com’s by
Famous Artists wall tapestries. Bunny Oliver, a working American
Impressionist, has had the opportunity to study with many other famous
Impressionists in the United States. She has chosen to paint many still
life canvases, seeking to express the beauty that can be found in the
exploration of commonplace objects. Her painting, Poppies Galore, is a
case in point. A group of vibrant orange-red poppies tumble from a
colorful porcelain vase seeming to have a life of their own. In the
tapestry Poppies Galore by Bunny Oliver the exciting colors and forms of
the original canvas achieve new intensity.

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Modern Day Art: What You Should Know

Art buying and selling is very dynamic and fast paced.

In the modern world, there are numerous galleries and platforms to exhibit and sell
art which works well or both artists and art lovers. In the present digital
age, you can buy art online from anywhere in the world.

With media and technology having become a  part of the art scene, the frames have changed and stroke paint more of a  modern art picture, with the abstract artist becoming more popular with every measure of canvas out there.

Realism and modern art.

With the advent of new age artistic method,  modern art is taking more and more of canvas spaces and the mastery of the  stroke of brush. There is a clear difference between Realism in art and modern  art. While realism seeks to represent objects in an artwork in their truthful  form, modern art is more often than not characterized by abstract art. Abstract art, which is what really defines modern art, could actually be characterized as “distortions of the  truth” for of the object represented in an artwork to match the intended  expression of the artist.

Contemporary  painting.

Contemporary painting is the brain child of  abstract artists and it takes a lot from postmodern art which is a latter day  representation of modern art. Contemporary art is albeit the most sought after  genre of art by those that buy art online. Contemporary paintings bring out the  best of pre renaissance period art, which was majorly abstract and the majorly  modern objects to give art lovers something that is familiar to what society
currently is. Contemporary paintings have become one of the most dynamic
expressions of art, changing rapidly in the late 20th and early 21st
Centuries. This is so much so that the contemporary paintings that dotted art
galleries in the early 1990 are very different with what is exhibited by the
modern day artist, notably the USA artists.

Buying  online.

Online galleries have revolutionized the  way art is done and consumed. Or anyone interested in art of any kind and  emphatically contemporary painting, many galleries have made it possible, and  easily so to buy art online. This has made it easy for the new age artist to  show case work of art without much effort like it would take to feature in
renowned art gallery.

With the advent of these changes, the American artist has entered the scene that was previously dominated by the European artist. This has spurned more creativity and dynamism that good art really  needs to bring out everything that makes art an important element of society
and culture.