How Much to Spend on a Wedding Gift

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Post for anyone who wants to know what a good rule of thumb is for wedding gifts.

First, ask: How well do you know these people?

Family, close friends are one thing; co-workers or associates at work are another. Some may cross the line into being a very good friend; others may be just the type you say hello to in the hallway or exchange pleasantries over the coffee machine on Monday.

In other words, it really depends on how well you know them.

If you know them well and know their lives (are they foodies, art lovers, interested in travelling to exotic locations, starting a family soon, pet lovers, etc.). These will help you determine not only the type of gift but how to spend.

$100 for friends

$200+ for family, close friends

$50 for acquaintances

Buying a good toaster ($30-100) is one thing. Giving a down payment for…

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